Geologists determine early Earth was a WATER WORLD

Remember the movie “Waterworld” starring Kevin Costner, well, a research published by Benjamin W. Johnson & Boswell A. Wing on March 2, 2020, has determined that planet earth was totally submerged by water when it was 1.5 billion years old, no continents, no islands, no nothing, just water everywhere. This conclusion was reached by scientists when they analysed oxygen isotope data from an ancient ocean rocks now exposed in Australia. Read the full article on this link.

Iowa State University. “Geologists determine early Earth was a ‘water world’ by studying exposed ocean crust.”. ScienceDaily, 2 March 2020. 




This scientific fact was established when a scientist by the name of Jonson analysed a rock sample and determined that it contained a higher concentration (0.004%) of Oxygen (O18) made up of 10 protons and 8 neutrons. This is contrary to today’s O16 existing in today’s ice-free oceans.

الجبال البركانية البحرية من نوع جيوت هو النوع الوحيد من الجبال والتي تتميز بوجود استواء في اعلاها - الاعجاز العلمي في القران الكرم - سورة الغاشية
Seamounts; also known as Guyots, are the only mountains on earth that have a flat top due to erosion by very powerful waved driven by wind

Scientifically, this is a first, but we at have reached this conclusion in 2013 based on Quranic scripts and the words of prophet Mohammad, you can read the full article here. In brief, the article states that early earth was totally submerged by water, then a seamount rose as much as 16 kilometers until it reached the ocean level; this is where Mecca is currently located, land could not go any higher due to strong winds, it stayed like that for 2000 years after which eruptions started take place around this little island and the land mass started to grow in size until it was enormously large.

صورة توضح شق الأرض التي مدّها تعالى فوق سطح الماء وكانت على مرحلتين

Thus, Kaaba was the location were the landmass expanded above the water surface, the landmass was later split into “neighboring plots” that drifted and collided with each other causing the creation of firmly-set mountain chains at the sides of the plots. The Almighty described the event in Surat Abasa [80:25] How We poured down water in torrents, [80:26] Then We broke open the earth [land], splitting it [80:27] And caused to grow within it grain [80:28] And grapes and herbage [80:29] And olive and palm trees [80:30] And gardens of dense shrubbery [80:31] And fruit and grass.

I could not have asked for a better proof to the 2013 article, the construction of which was like a putting together a jigsaw puzzle that took months to prepare and was later heavily criticized, many of our readers simply could not accept the definition “a mountain; only if it has a flat top!” in the books of Tafseer (explanation).

By Husein Kattab.

Many thanks to Dr. Zaghlool Alnajjar who gave the first pointers that lead me to write the 2013 article.

من تأليف حسين كتّاب

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