By the Heaven that is Woven – A Video

Hello from, a site dedicated to explaining the scientific miracles in the Quran, believe me, you will not feel the same after watching this four-minute video, so please relax and enjoy.

Fourteen hundred years ago, Allah referenced “Al Samaa” or The universe as his own creation in several locations in the Quran, one of them stood out as a bold description, it was described in the books of Tafsir or Quran interpretation, as woven but in a special way; that is, it is woven like sand when disturbed by wind, woven like an armored shield, woven like water when disturbed by wind and like sheep wool, and that the Samaa is woven with stars, fabricated in layers, with a note saying that it is so far away that we cannot see it! In other words, Allah is describing something we cannot see!

When we look at the night sky or Samaa, we see planets and some stars, but if we observe it from a location with no light pollution, we can see vast amounts of stars and traces of our own galaxy; the milky way, however, none fits the pattern mentioned in the books of Tafsir.

Even when the Hubble space telescope snapped a picture of what was thought to be empty spot at the time, it showed large amounts of galaxies throughout and that galaxies were grouped into clusters, but with no pattern that fits the description mentioned by the books of Tafsir. And maybe this is what the note the books of Tafsir conveyed that it is so far away that we cannot see it!

The main challenge here is that we are trying to describe “something” from the outside, while we live in it, similar to trying to describe a house rooftop while we only see rooms and furniture. In the case of the universe, this can only be done either by taking a picture from the outside; which is not possible due to the vast distances, or perform a scientific simulation, and this is what the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics attempted in 2005 by feeding the simulation model with the observed locations of known galaxies to come out with a pattern.

After a full month of calculations on a supercomputer, the results were stunning, the Samaa did have a clear pattern, and it looked like woven sand, woven like a protective shield, woven like water when disturbed by wind and like sheep wool. It is woven with stars, fabricated in layers and that it is so far away that we cannot see it!

1400 years ago, an illiterate orphan, who worked as a Shepard and later in trade, claimed to be a prophet of God and that his miracle was a book called “the Quran”, so people called him a liar, a poet, a magician and a lunatic, they made his life a living hell and forced him and his followers out of their home town.

1400 years ago, Prophet Mohammad didn’t have any telescopes, nor supercomputers, so somebody from the outside must have relayed this description to him, and this is what Chapter or Surat Al Najm “The Star” indicates:

Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.
Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire.
It is no less than inspiration sent down to him:
He was taught by one Mighty in Power,

Before and during each prayer, Moslems say, Allah Akbar meaning Allah is Greater, so no matter what you see, Allah is greater!

To sum it all up, Sorat Al Baqara or the Cow reads

[2:1]  Alif Lam Mim

[2:2]  That is the Book, wherein is no doubt, a guidance to the godfearing

[2:3]  Who believe in the Unseen, and perform the prayer, and expend of that We have provided them;

[2:4]  Who believe in what has been sent down to thee and what has been sent down before thee, and have faith in the Hereafter;

[2:5]  Those are upon guidance from their Lord, those are the ones who prosper.

Sorat Al Eklas, or Genuineness, is a very short but straight to the point chapter on the last page of the Quran, of which prophet Mohammad said that it equates to 1/3 of the Quran, it reads

Say, “The truth is that Allah is One.

Allah is Besought of all, needing none.

He neither begot anyone, nor was he begotten.

And equal to Him has never been any one.”

By Husein Kattab

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  1. سلام عليكم ، هذه الآية التي جاءت في سورة الذاريات والسماء ذات الحبك ، وحبك هو الاتقان الشئ نقول الحبك الشئ اي التقانه وقد يتغير معنها على حسب السياق مثل : كنتم ١أمة وسط وكذالك ٢خير الامور اوسطها ٣ وقال اوسطهم ٤ الفردوس اعلى الجنان واوسطها ،١كنتم أمة صادق ٢ خير الامور اعدلها ٣ وقال اعقلهم ٤ فردوس اعلى الجنان واحسنها ؛
    والسماء ذات الحبك اي السماء ذات اطباق بمعنى سماء فوق سماء ، كما جاء في قوله تعالى خلق سبع سماوات طباقا
    وسلام عليكم


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